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Our Ingredients

At The Pie Lady, all of our desserts are created from scratch using the freshest ingredients sourced locally when possible. The secret to our pies lie in the ingredients, we use NON-GMO butters, cage-free eggs, sugars, premium extracts and spices in all our recipes.

At The Pie Lady, we firmly believe that all of our desserts should taste just as wonderful as they look !

Why The Pie Lady

What sets The Pie Lady  apart from the rest is simple. We use the best all natural, non-GMO,  ingredients and premium extracts. We do not use GMO’s, corn syrup or fillers because we believe that simple, wholesome ingredients create the best tasting desserts around.

All of our creations are "handcrafted from scratch" and only made in small batches and made to order.

Let’s not forget our pie crusts, which are freshly made from NON-GMO, all-natural ingredients and hand rolled to order.